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Hi, I'm Nikol! Organizer of "all the things". I'm your friend that loves to organize and simplify. The one you invite over to help you rearrange your pantry. The friend that always have a planner and custom designed to-do list to go along with it.  The one you go to for a freshly sharpened pencil, pen or stack of Post-its. In a hypothetical game, you pick me to take with you to a deserted island because even though I talk a lot, you know I will have whatever we need or can create it out of palm tree leaves and sticks.

So, what is the deal with the planners?

In the fall of 2019, I spent an entire Saturday (like 6 hours!) driving around to different stores trying to decide what paper planner to buy. 

I couldn't find anything that I loved. So I decided to try out digital planning and create exactly what I was looking for. I freakin' love digital planning! I now use a mix of digital and paper to organize anything and everything you could possibly think of! 

You can shop my digital planners, journals and printables in the store

What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is a digital version of a paper planner designed to be used on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. It is created to have the same look and feel as a traditional paper planner.

I get it! You have used a paper planner for literally decades.

  • It’s the perfect size.

  • You like the way it is laid out.

  • You like writing things down.

  • You like your pens.

  • And OMG! What if you lost it!

Here is what you will love about having a digital planner!

  • You can find an iPad to match your favorite size paper planner.

  • You will 100% find a layout you LOVE.

  • You get the same brain benefits from using an Apple Pencil on your iPad.

  • The colored pen selection within an iPad is unlimited!

  • Your planner can sync with your phone and desktop or laptop.

  • THERE IS A SEARCH FEATURE! Yes! No more flipping to remember where you wrote “that thing” down. Just search and find it immediately!

Do you have to choose one or the other?
NOPE! I have used a digital planner exclusively this year. I found myself really missing a paper planner for my daily view. So I use both! I currently use a digital planner for my monthly and weekly layout and a paper planner for my daily view. 
Remember, it is most important to set up systems that work best for how your brain works. Would mixing both digital and paper be an option for you or do you think you would need one or the other? 

A little bit about me when I'm not planning.

My ideal day: 

Me, a float and a lazy river in the mountains.

My Enneagram number:

8w7 (Things are starting to make sense now aren't they?)

5 Things you will not find me doing:

  • Watching anything scary, violent or dramatic.

  • Bring anything homemade to a potluck.

  • Sleep without a fan blowing.

  • Be the first one in on any clothing trend.

  • Underpack. For anything.

5 Things you will find me doing:

  • Cheering you on!

  • Being blunt.

  • Wearing pajama pants every second that I can.

  • Snuggling my cat Charlie and posting WAY too many pictures of him on the internet.

  • Jamming to Broadway tunes in my car.

So girlfriend, you in?

Are you ready to create more space in your day for the things that you want to do?

I believe in you.

I know that you can take your situation (no matter what it is) and bloom right where you have been planted. 

Nobody's life is perfect, but everyone can build a life that they love.