It was only a matter of time before I started to design my own planner covers and I am now sharing those designs with you!

Amazon affiliate links are used in this post.

Using a discbound planner system is super flexible, but often we are limited by the planner covers and designs that are currently sitting on the shelf.

Not anymore! For the price of your favorite Starbucks drink, you can now make your own sturdy and changeable planner covers and dividers!

That was a lot of exclamation points, but I am excited about this!

I like to change out my covers and dashboards every little bit and now that I have figured out a system that I like, I am just over the moon!

Make sure you watch the video so the instructions below make sense!

When you purchase a cover/dashboard bundle from the shop, you will receive two .PDF files. One file will have crop marks.

If you prefer to cut your paper to size and then print, you will use the file with NO crop marks.

If you prefer to print and then cut, you will use the file WITH crop marks.

Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Choose a printable planner cover design.

Step 2: Download your design.

Step 3: Choose which design. you want to use. (Crop marks or no crop marks)

Step 4: Open it on a laptop or desktop. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your .PDF You can download it for free here.

Step 5: Follow the instructions in blue for Cut then Print and instructions in pink for Print then Cut.

Cut then Print Instructions

Once you click Print:

  1. Click Page Set-Up
  2. click on the paper size
  3. under the drop down click “Manage custom sizes”
  4. enter the size of your paper 7.75 x 9.75″ – margins = 0.0″ -You have to type this in
  5. under paper sizing & handling – choose “fit”
  6. make sure your print quality is set to “best”
  7. Print

Print then Cut Instructions:

Once you click Print:

  1. Under page Sizing & Handling – Choose “Actual Size”
  2. Make sure your print quality is set to “Best”
  3. Print
  4. Cut (See the video on how to cut properly using Crop Marks.)

If you would like to use these designs inside of your planner as a divider or dashboard set your paper size to 7.25 x 9″ and choose “Fit” under Sizing & Handling.

If you would like to know how to make clear dividers using Dollar Tree Chopping Mats click here for video instructions.

I’ve included some links for you to purchase what I use in the video to make it easier.

Dollar Tree Chopping Mats

32lb paper – affiliate link

Arch Hole Punch – affiliate link

If you make the covers please post a picture on Instagram and tag me @easyorganizedliving or leave a comment on the YouTube video! I would love to see what you do!