Creating your own planner from scratch can get expensive. There are several parts of your disc planning system that you can DIY. Amazon affiliate links are used in this post.

I started customizing my disc planner by making my own printable inserts and now I am making my dream dividers! You are not going to believe me when I say that I made these for under a dollar each!

The proper divider or dashboard can really help your productivity and organization, so this is a very important part of my discbound system.

I prefer my dividers to be clear, full page width, and height. I like to have tabs at the top of the page as well as the side. Apparently, that is a very tall and expensive order in the planner world.

I saw another planner use chopping mats from The Dollar Tree to make either covers or bookmarks, so I literally got up out of my seat and headed to my local Dollar Tree to see if they had the same mats. They did! yes, I used an exclamation point there, I feel like everything I like is expensive, so the possibility of having a super cheap option for once was more than my planner little self could handle.

There was some trial and error figuring out how to mark off the mats, the best way to cut them, and hole punch them. But I persevered and am taking my DIY clear divider wisdom and passing it along to you.

If you prefer a video, click below to watch or scroll down for written instructions.

Instructions to make your own transparent planner dividers, dashboard, or cover:

  1. Determine what size you would like to make your divider.
  2. Decide how many divdiers you would like to make. Each package has 2 11×14″ mats.
  3. Head to your local Dollar Tree and purchase the chopping mats. You can order them online here!
  4. Draw out your template or design your own in Canva. It’s free!
  5. Cut out your template.
  6. Lay your template on your mat. Make sure that the side you want is facing up! There is a smooth glossy side and a rough translucent side. I prefer the smooth glossy side facing up.
  7. Tape your template down using washi or another easily removable tape.
  8. Cut out your divider using sharp craft scissors.
  9. Hole punch your divider. I use the Arc disc punch by Staples. (affiliate link)
  10. Round any sharp edges you have.
  11. Create a label. I use the Brother P-Touch. You can handwrite a label or even use your Silhouette/Cricuit.

Since they are clear, the sky is the limit with decorating ideas! You can make a picture collage, line the back with scrapbook paper, or use washi under the tabbed area.

I’m starting the year off with plain clear dividers, but already have a few decorating ideas that I would like to try!

If you make these dividers please post a picture on Instagram and tag me @easyorganizedliving or leave a comment on the YouTube video! I would love to see what you do!