We have a lot going on.

There is so much pressure put on this year. Our to-do lists are long and it seems like we are adding another urgent item daily.

It feels like a firehose of information, deadlines, decisions, and stress. No matter which path your child goes down, it’s just a lot.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and start chopping things off the to-do list.

I am a HUGE supporter of this practice. I believe that keeping a healthy level of to-do’s on your plate is one of the best ways to keep you sane and productive. If you are in a season of life where adding one more thing to your to-do list will affect your health, then stop reading here. Full stop. You are doing great and you need to make the best choices you can for your health and well-being. So do what you can and don’t get caught up in the “should do” of senior year.

Here is where I insert a big ‘ole BUT.

If you are at a point where you can add things to your plate, read on my friend!

Know this as you read on.

There are things that we have swiftly kicked off of the to-do list in order to fit other things into this season of life. No guilt. They will get added back on when there is space. Also, if you stop by and see our dirty kitchen floors, no you didn’t

Okay, back to the point.

It’s senior year! 

That looks different for everyone.

For some, it is a finish line you never thought you would make it to. Some, want to leave school and never think of it again and some will cherish these years for the rest of their lives. Most kids probably fall somewhere in between. 

Real Quick: I want to address kids that have a hurtful experience in school. That sucks. I encourage you to create your own events and traditions. It can be as small as going out to breakfast or as big as going away on a trip the weekend of homecoming or prom. Creating your own special celebration during a school event is best for distraction and for your teen to not feel like they are missing out. It also keeps them from attending an event that they would be miserable at.

What I do know for sure is that there will be events at school. I’m here today to encourage you to “do all the things”.

Go to the senior events.

Go to school events. Hype them up. Spend hours prepping for a fifteen-minute event. Take videos and pictures and cheer on the other kids around you as well. I have already attended several school events that I have skipped in previous years and may not attend again until I have another senior.

What “they,” said is true. The days are long, but the years are short. Rarely are we aware of “the last”.

THIS. This is it. It’s the last. It’s a whole dang year of lasts. 

The kids are done. They have their sights set on fun and new things on the horizon but try to keep them present. 

Tell your child that you would love to go to their “thing”. That you want to be included and involved.

Will it take time out of your day? Yes. 

Will it take effort to coordinate? Also, yes.

Do I still encourage it? You bet.

What I can tell you is that they will smile, even if it is “cringe” they will appreciate it. 

I know that it is a lot to navigate. You are wondering if other parents will be there. If you are unsure, ASK!

If other parents are unsure if they should be going, be the brave one that says you will be there. Invite other parents. Introduce yourself to people around you. These are other senior parents that will be at the same events all year long.

It’s okay if people look at you weird, you will find people that appreciate your enthusiasm, and the more fun you have at the senior events, the more you will look forward to them. 

My view is that I would rather attend all the events. All of them. The silly ones, the important ones, the ones that are meaningful for our friends.

Spend some time making sure you are on the school email list, find your school spirit social media account, and turn notifications on. Pull up the school event calendar and make sure you have the big events marked on your Google Calendar.

Because, based on all of the social media posts of parents dropping their kids at college or moving them into their first apartment, this is it y’all!

We are living the good ‘ole days right now, so don’t miss it!