Getting organized for back to school is my favorite time of year. I love new beginnings. The only thing I love more than new beginnings is being well prepared for them!

I have mentioned before that my favorite TV character growing up was Radar on M.A.S.H. I just absolutely loved that he anticipated needs and was always prepared with the solution. 

Things that I do to get ready for a regular school year.

  • Enter the school calendar in to my Google Calendar.
  • Check the school website for special dates and enter them into my Google Calendar. Example: Back to School Night, Meet the Teach, ACT testing, End of Quarter, Dances, Theatrical Play Dates.
  • Enter practice and game schedules in Google Calendar.
  • List any volunteer needs that I have committed to in Google Calendar.
  • Empty out and reorganize my Family Current Events Binder. This binder has a folder for each member of our family and holds paperwork they need for various events and appointments. Example: DMV Driver Log, any printed handouts from teachers or coaches for the current year. Forms for Dr. appointments. 
  • Double check to make sure physicals and eye appointments are up to date.

Make sure the following expenses are logged in my budget spreadsheet.

  • Yearbook
  • Senior Ad for Yearbook
  • School Pictures
  • Team Pictures
  • Sports Pass
  • School Supplies
  • Senior Portraits
  • Clothes & Shoes

Check school electronics to make sure they are in working order. 

For us that is – laptop, phone, and calculator

I have printed out the school and football schedules and put them in our “command center” in the kitchen next to their chore chart. 

We have a family meeting so that we can talk about what breakfast and lunch choices the boys would like to start the year with. During football season, I get up and make the boys a hot breakfast and pack their lunches. Nutrition is so important during the season so I am up with the boys to make sure they are getting a solid start to the day, have a decent lunch packed, and are taking their vitamins. They handle all of this out of season, but this is a way that I can care for them, and make sure that they are in optimal health for the season. 

During this meeting, we will also make sure backpacks are still in good shape and order any items they need that we haven’t gotten yet. We have been picking up things here and there over the summer. The kids haven’t changed sizes this past year, so it’s a different level of need than when they were growing out of clothes every few months. I for one am grateful for the slow down. 

This my friends is where my zen and confidence ends.

This year is different for us. Our oldest is a senior in high school. I am super nervous that I will miss something. I have already gotten to a football scrimmage late and forgotten what to bring for snacks. I keep saying, “I’m usually way more organized than this!” When things get hectic, I like to make a list. When I make lists, I like to make them cute. When I make them cute, I feel like I should share them. 

Allow me to introduce you to the Class of 2023 Senior Year Checklist! 

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So far I have started to collect meaningful pictures into a special folder. I have already used some for the Football Senior Wall and will use more for the Senior Ad in the Yearbook.

I have set aside a line item in our budget spreadsheet for miscellaneous “senior spending”. 

(School hasn’t even started and this has already come in handy.)

I have ordered as many senior celebration items that I know about to date. Example: Senior Parking Spot Decoration, Senior Parade and Wear a Little Kid Backpack Day.

I have secured a photographer for senior photos and had initial pictures taken of my senior wearing his jersey. 

I also plan to dive deep into the website Grown and Flown. You can sign up for a free college admissions timeline and they have a wealth of beautifully organized knowledge. 

One big thing that I would like to do is make a photo book for this year. I will most likely need to update it weekly so that I remember all the little things. I have used Shutterfly for years, but am open to using a new app if it proves to be a better option. My main goal is to be able to create the book over the school year, have good quality printing, and have an easy-to-use app. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite!

If you have had a child graduate from high school, I would LOVE to hear what you would add to my checklist!