10 Tips For A Successful Homeschool Year!

Have the best school year yet with these top ten tips!

Planning for a new homeschool year is one of my favorite times of the year! 

Not only are stores stock full of school supplies, I love new beginnings. Over the past four years of homeschooling, I have learned a lot about how to have the best year for our family and each year I get excited to implement what I have learned. I bet I’ll finally get it all down when the kids graduate. LOL! I’m kidding. (I hope!) 


Every one of our homeschool school years has come with both joys and struggles. I do my best to accommodate more of what worked and cut as much of what didn’t. Some days have found me on the edge of quitting and other days had me in tears of joy that we were led down this path. On those hard days I realized that it was mostly due to me ignoring signs that we simply needed to tweak something and honor who we are as a family.

While finding what worked well in accommodating my chronic illness called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I had to let go of some of what I thought our homeschool would look like and trade it for the homeschool our family needed. That no family will have the exact same experience and not only is that okay, I think it is needed to create unique people to put out into the world as adults!

I remember when my sister Vanessa and I decided to start homeschooling. We went to a homeschooling conference and we learned so many valuable pieces of information. What really surprised me was that so many of the topics were not about how to actually educate your children. They were more parenting and life related. Those tips and lessons were the ones that stuck with me the most and some I still reference to.

I took my crumpled up notes and made a pretty printable for you to keep by your homeschool area. 

My original notes that I took sitting in that huge conference room having no clue on what was ahead of me were starting to look a bit ragged these days so I began to type them up for myself. While I was listing my top tips, I thought it would be a perfect thing to share with all of you! These tips are like a comforting roadmap during the year for me and I hope they bless you as well.

Here are my top ten tricks I use to have the best homeschool year our family can have!

  1. Write down WHY you are homeschooling.

  2. Determine your school goals.

  3. Set proper expectations for your year.

  4. Choose your teaching method.

  5. Don’t over plan - try a LOOP schedule.

  6. Choose your commitments wisely.

  7. Be in control of your mileage.

  8. Checklists & Chores - make them, use them, love them.

  9. Build flexible days into your school calendar.

  10. Treat yourself on the hard days.

    Inside the printable I go into more explanation on how I implement them into our homeschool.

Remember, that this is what works for me. I’m sharing with you in hopes that it inspires and supports you. Just don’t forget to find what works for you. Try to remember what your ability, budget and child needs from your homeschool. Listen to your gut when something isn’t working and be brave to try something new.