Say Goodbye to Chaos and Hello to Calm - FREE Workbook Included!

Inside: You will get a simple 5 step plan with free worksheets to take your everyday life from chaos to calm. So you can live the life of your dreams!

It happened again.

  • You didn’t make it to the gym.

  • The laundry is still piled up and you are digging for a clean pair of underwear.

  • You were late. Again.

  • You yelled at the kids while trying to get out of the door after just promising to yourself that you wouldn’t.

Now you are in a funk and you feel like a failure.

I get it. Your life is busy.

You can’t take anything off your plate”, and if I tell you to “just get up at 5am”, you may punch me in the throat. I mean, that is probably what I would do if someone said that to my face. (I’m kidding! I’m not tall enough to punch anyone in the throat.)

Well, I guess that’s it then. This is your life now and forever…

Oh stop!

If you want to change you totally can! You just need a little help to get to the next step.

I believe that you can live your dream life.

I do!

All you need to do is:

  • Ask (God / the universe)

  • Believe (With all your heart that you are attracting what you asked for)

  • Work (Yes! Work your tail off for your dream!)

  • Receive (Be open to receiving what you are asking for in the universe / God’s timing)

Sounds easy right? <insert a bit of sarcasm here>

I know. You are thinking, “Geez, can I ask God to make dinner and do the dishes for me?” We often get so bogged down in the everyday pieces of life, that we let all the dreaming and changing fall to the wayside.

So before you can get to asking, believing, working and receiving, we need to have our daily lives and our brains running well.

You need a system and you can take mine!

Little by little my life has started to run like a well oiled machine.

By applying the steps laid out in my 5 step method and handling one simple change at a time, I am now able to run two businesses, homeschool and chase my dreams.

I do want to stop right here for a minute. If you are dealing with a chronic illness, this is the middle of my story. I went from basically being bedridden to rockin’ life with no pain and need for naps on a daily basis. So I beg you not to compare yourself and feel defeated. If you are struggling to make it physically through the day- you need to hop over here to see what I did, in order to start to feel better and start tackling most days like a healthy person.

When life starts to get hectic, I have a system that I can fall back into and I know exactly where to start. I think that this piece is such an important part! Life is going to happen. Things are going to get crazy. Avoiding that is not what this method is all about. This is about doing our best on our good days, and getting back to normal quickly when the bad days happen.

I’ve had so many people over the years ask me how I do it, so I sat down and wrote out what will be my signature course on how to live the life of your dreams.

What I noticed though over the past 2.5 years working one on one with people is that the Chaos to Calm Calendar Method is a very important first step to being able to dream and change your life.

If you are just surviving, you are never going to be able to truly dream.


Inside you will find the five things I do on repeat that keep our lives running smoothly.

  1. Brain Dump

    A printable to guide you on what do do once you have dumped your brain!

  2. Mission Control

    A printable weekly view of your life. This is my favorite sheet!

  3. Weekly Meeting Set-up

    This will set the tone for a successful week!

  4. Daily Meeting Set-up

    Because life happens and sometimes you need to check in with your life daily.

  5. Your Digital Assistant

    Doesn’t everyone need a personal assistant - FOR FREE?!

You will get this whole workbook FOR FREE!

I know! It’s awesome. Grab it now and start taking your life from a chaotic mess to calm!