Public, private or home school. Does your choice matter?

That title invokes feelings y’all. Big feelings!

How we educate our children is an important topic.

One that may hold traditions, societal norms, religious beliefs and even necessity.

There are many stereotypes and expectations attached to how a person is educated and the quality of the school or education received.

But does it “really” matter what method we use to educate our children?

Public, Private or Home school. Does your choice matter_

My answer is yes. It does matter what school we send our kids to or how we choose to educate them. However, I want to stop here for just a second and talk about the fact that education type does not guarantee a specific outcome.

  • If you send your child to an elite prep school, it does not guarantee entrance to a good college.

  • If you homeschool your child, it does not guarantee they will excel in every subject.

You get the gist! So many factors play into a students experience at a certain school or even class, that it is almost impossible to set up the perfect scenario.

So back to the original question…

Does the way you educate your child matter?

Yes, it does matter how you educate your child! But not in the way that you may be thinking. Instead of choosing private school, public school or homeschool based on the outcome, look at what method is best for your family and your student currently.

If private school will put you in debt, is that the best method?

If homeschool causes stress in your relationship, is that the best method?

If public school causes social issues that are affecting your students confidence, is that the best method?

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    How do we rank the importance of how we educate?

    Make the best choice with what you know at the moment for the moment.

    When you know different or the situation changes; see if you need to make another decision.

    Yes, at the heart of it all, it is that simple.

    There are so many choices. Public school, magnet school, charter school, private school, boarding school, home school. Then you can get into the different methods. Classical, Charlotte Mason, and the list goes on….

    It’s enough to bring you to tears if you let it!

    There are counselors, advisors, authors, experts and fellow moms all telling you what is best in their opinion.

    What you need to discern from all of the information and options available, is what do you want for your children when they leave your home?

    Big picture y’all. 

    What do you want? What is going to be worth the time and money sacrifice? What is the hill you will die on to make sure your children have?

    Is it going to be a love for learning? The ability to learn something on their own? Will they graduate a math wizard, a music prodigy? Do you want to help them start college at 13 or start a business at 12?

    Public, Private or Home school. Does your choice matter_ - 2.png

    Do you want them to go to the neighborhood public school, or do you want to take those middle years and homeschool in an RV while you travel the country?

    If you can not rattle your answer off quickly, I encourage you to take a minute to think about it. You can even use my free workbook to choose your why and live the life you want.

    Look at your answer.

    Does what you want for your children have anything to do with an education method?

    Can you give your children the skills and gifts you want to provide no matter what kind of school you send them to?

    If you can, great! Then it doesn’t matter “as much” exactly how you school does it?

    If you need to be free of an attendance requirement to give your children what you want, then the type of school you send your child to matters greatly.

    If what you want to give your children needs to be provided outside of a regular school day, then maybe the type of school doesn’t matter as much.

    Let’s put this in a nutshell, shall we?

    Make sure you are focusing on the right issue. YES! The quality of the education and how you educated your child matters. But does it truly factor into the big picture of skills and values that you want your child to have when they leave your home for the big wild world?

    I’d love to hear your story!

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