Navigating Life by God's Instructions {with FREE Coloring Page}

Inside: What does it mean to try to live your life by God’s instructions? How can you tell if it’s God talking and a FREE coloring page to help you be still and listen.

Raise your hand if you want a highlighted map with turn by turn instructions for your life!

Seriously, life sure can seem confusing.

I can’t count how many times I have been at a cross roads and thought, “Just tell me which way to go and I’ll do it!”

What I have found is that, God seems to show us just a little bit at a time. I like to think of it like our car headlights at night. We can only see a few hundred feet in front of us at a time, but somehow we drive miles and end up at our destination.

The decision seems to be the hardest part. For me at least…

When you are choosing a job.

Should you go on a mission trip?

To homeschool or not?

Should take a volunteer position?

It’s at these points that I want nothing more than to choose the way God has intended me to go.

That doesn’t mean that He was always welcome in my decisions.

There have been times in my life where I have begged for an answer. Then heard what God is saying and I have thought, “Nope! I am definitely not ready for that! Got any other options?”

But guess what I’m learning?

We are usually never ready.

If we are, we have waited too long. So do it while you are terrified.

Having a relationship with God is a two way street in some situations. While things will happen in His own time, you need to do your part and act when He asks.

So what does it mean to live by God’s instructions?

To me it means that you are living the life that you think God intended you to live.

For example:

Would our life be easier if we lived closer to family? Yup.

Do we live here because we believe it is what is best for us? Yup.

Do we actually want to live in Colorado? Yup.

Would we have to sacrifice homeschooling if we lived there? Yup.

We believe that God intends for me to be home with the kids and for us to homeschool. In order for us to do that, we need to live in an area that works for all of those choices.

Do we love our life in North Carolina? Yup.

Would we jump at the chance to live back in Colorado if I could stay home and still homeschool? Yup.

That is what living by God’s instructions looks like.

We never got a detailed letter from above, but with careful prayer, consideration and conversation we are trying to follow what we think God has intended for us.

Am I a pro at this? Nope. Should you be listening to me? That’s certainly questionable. (I kid!)

But I believe that God has wanted me to start this blog and talk about our relationship. So here I am. A perfectly unperfect person, just trying to do her best everyday. That is my disclaimer to you. Don’t do anything because I said so, only if you truly think that God has.

How can you tell if it is God talking?

When I was single, I would ask everyone in a solid relationship, “How did you know that person was ‘the one’?” I always got the answer, “You just ‘know’.”

Some people would offer helpful hints, about small gestures that the other person did that were signs that they were “their person”. But most said, “You just know.”

“That feeling” in my opinion is God telling you. It’s your sign. It’s a feeling of peace that washes over you, it’s that stirring feeling in your gut, sometimes it’s even that hot and intense feeling you get in your chest. But no matter what it feels like for you, you “know” that you are being signaled if you take the time to be still and listen. You “know” you are being told that “this is the thing”.

How do I know?

Exactly nine days before I met the hubby, I wrote down everything that I wanted in the man I wanted to marry. Nine days later, I met the guy who is now my husband. He hugged me that night and it felt like I was home. The warmest and calmest feeling I have ever felt washed over me and I knew I was “home”. That list? He hit every point I listed.

All those people were right. I just “knew”.

Now, in everyday life I find that I often immediately feel a strong repulsion to the idea. So good thing I had that nice feeling when I met the hubby! How do I know that I have a negative feeling in the beginning?

Live in North Carolina? Never.

Homeschool? Never.

Start a blog and be a public figure? Never.

You get the gist here…

Hopefully, you are not as thick headed and stubborn as I am and you catch on and act faster than I do.

That’s great that God talks to you, but He has never said a word to me.

Oh, but He has!

Everyone “talks to God” differently. I can give you my experiences, but you have to figure out how it is going to work for you.

The first step is to learn how to be still, quiet and tuned in.

If you are caught up in the busy of your day, and then are stuck with the tv or your phone blaring in your face and ears for the rest of it, you are going to be hard pressed to find any silence that God can communicate with you in.

Many of us aren’t used to thinking about God outside of Sunday and emergencies.

I have an exercise for you. I want you to find the God in your day.

For every red light- thank God for the stillness amongst your busy and say “Hi”. To God. Say “Hi” to God.

Will you feel silly? Probably.

Will it feel awkward? Probably.

Should you look up into the sky? I do.

Try it for a week and come back and tell me how you feel.

If you have made it this far and want more help than a red light to stop and connect with God, I’d love for you to download my coloring page. For me, in the beginning, I couldn’t just sit. I had to be doing something, so I colored. Maybe coloring will be your thing too?

If you are a gold star student, move on to more opportunities to see God in your day.

Were you able to afford Starbucks? Say, “Thanks God!”

Did you get a decent parking spot? Say, “Thanks God!”

Did you wake up to live another day? Say, “Thanks God!”

Okay, I’ve been “talking to God. Now what?

Wait, listen, feel.

When you have things in your life that you want help with, tell Him.

Be still. Be quiet.

Let Him into your life more and more.

Look for more and more connections in your life. The more open you are to seeing the connections, the more you will see just how much He is involved in your day.

The more you will be able to navigate your life according to what you think God has intended for you.