How To Be On Time

Inside: Get a behind the scenes look at how I manage our busy lives, with one car and manage to get all my errands done and be on time!

Never be late again!

“How are you always on time?!”

This has to be one of my most asked questions over the years.

The truth is that I have a system, I plan ahead, pay attention to the details and stick to that system as much as possible. I get caught up in our day to day lives and am forgetful just like every other busy mom out there.

If you haven’t downloaded my Chaos to Calm Workbook- that is certainly step one.

Chaos to Calm Calendar Method - Nikol Murphy.1.png

Once you go through the workbook and use the Brain Dump sheet, you will be able to enter your events and tasks into your Google Calendar using my method in the video below.


I use a combination of my digital Google Calendar with my paper weekly view printable that you can find in my free workbook listed above the video.

homeschool mom explains how to be on time with kids

Step 1:

Make sure that you have your Google Calendar synced with your phone.

Step 2:

Color Code!

Decide what categories you will use and assign colors to them.

Step 3:

Details! Details! Details!

Location: Distance - How long will it take to get to your event? Is it during rush hour?

Notes: Do you need to bring anything? Snacks, books, donations?

Step 4:


I set a variety of alarms. You will have to try some varieties out to see what works for you. My secret weapon alarm are as follows.

  • The day before if I have to bring or make something.

  • Two hours before incase I forget about the event. This still gives me time to shower and get there on time.

  • Five minutes before we need to leave as a reminder to get in the car.

  • The time we need to actually leave. (Remember that a 10 minute buffer is built in!)

I’d love to know which parts of my system you end up using and which ones you toss!

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