About Nikol

My name is Nikol and I am so glad you are here! I wish we were in our most comfy pants, no bras, fuzzy socks on, curled up on my couch with a cup of our favorite drink in hand. I would have picked hot cocoa in the winter and iced coffee in the summer.

I want this piece of the internet to feel like a hug and an exhale when you arrive.

On the surface, I am an organizer of “all the things”. 

I’m the friend you sit next to at a meeting because you know I have an extra notebook for you to use, and a fully stocked pen pouch ready for the borrowing.

If you hang out for just a bit you will learn that my love for planning came out of necessity.

My brain works differently and in order for me to stay focused and productive, I rely on organization and planning systems to lead me through my day.

Tell me if this sounds like you: 

You absolutely LOVE to planbut you still feel unorganized.

You have tried EVERYTHING.

I. Get. It.

You have tried every planner, every morning routine, tip and trick out there. I totally get it! This time is different. We are going to develop planning habits and systems to fit YOUR BRAIN and YOUR LIFE.

A plan and a planner just for you.

Whether you need a giant calendar on the wall, a Google Calendar, or need a stack of paper planners like me – we will find you a system that works for you!


It’s time to give yourself the freedom to create your own planning process, understand how your brain works and only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.

Here at Easy Organized Living:

We strive to build a life that we don’t need a break from. We are life long learners.  We find joy in organizing, planning, and making everything around us more efficient. We are kind, yet direct. Forgiving and will also hold each other accountable. We apologize when we need to. We deeply value communication and connection and are here for the awkward conversation that allows us to understand others better. We believe that there is good in this world and we all can make a difference no matter where life has us at the moment.

But most of all,

Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. K?